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Concerns about breastfeeding are normal, breasts do not come with a score of quantity for the amount of milk they produce. Only in cases where the baby seems to be more restless than usual or not it looks pleased, you may think that your body is not producing enough food.

Most of the time there are no problems in the production of breast milk but if there are concerns can implement basic tips that help breastfeeding.

First you have to determine if it is a supply problem. Breast milk is generated in relation to the need of the baby, the more consumed, the more milk is produced.

Often the fact that the child is hungrier than normal does not necessarily mean you have not enough milk, but he wants to take more of what you offer.

The hydration is critical. Always make sure you have enough water, experts recommend drinking more water while breastfeeding or when using the breast pumps is a good idea.

Besides improving milk production, see other benefits to your body and your skin.

Pumping also promotes breast milk production. Experts recommend that while you are breast-feeding a child breast milk can be removed with the pump because breastfeeding works on supply and demand.

Another strategy is to pump in the middle of each shot and refrigerate, or when the child is sleeping, thus the breasts will be forced to produce more milk.

The diet is important: to maintain a proper diet helps maintain a good milk supply. Avoid exaggerating with sweets and treats and eats lots of fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins, dairy and some cereals. Oatmeal is a great ally of nursing mothers, include it in your diet.

Finally do not despise the consultation with the professional and do not using any herbal remedy before asking your doctor because these natural preparations can lead to secondary problems.