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Currently having a personal trainer is no longer a luxury for wealthy people or TV stars as more and more ordinary people can have the advice of a coach who helps them to get the body fitness they want and a better quality of life.

Parallel to this there are new professionals offering their services, but not all are equally qualified, so it is advisable to follow certain parameters or guidelines when choosing a potential trainer.

First you have to contact a trainer that you know the origin of their education and ask for a contract to provide services. A responsible professional will request a medical evaluation prior diagnostic performs a physical assessment and offers its customers a summary of the training plan that is convenient to carry.

As for the professional training, the base has to be the title of Professor of Physical Education and certification by recognized sports bodies.

The contract for the provision of services makes clear service characteristics for both parties, evaluations conducted, times and locations of care, cost, liability, etc.

The medical evaluation requested by the personal trainer is certified by the doctor, which clarifies that physical activity can make a person, and exercise treadmill test for 40 years with one or more risk factors.

The diagnostic evaluation performed by the specialist has to determine at least the flexibility, strength and cardiorespiratory endurance of the person.

Finally the training plan must be made between coach and client to clarify goals and how to achieve in the medium and long term.

Following these guidelines primordial ensure you to find the best personal trainer for you and get the results you desire.